how do i see my mail in full screen?
or, how do i make the message bigger?

by default, wtf email tries to look similar to a standard desktop email client. in the left pane, you see a list of your mail folders. the right pane is split between the contents of your mailbox on top, and a preview of the message you click on the bottom.

if you'd like to only see the contents of your mailbox by default, go to preferences, and uncheck show viewer. once you click the 'save changes' button, you will only see the contents of your mailbox by default. to view your messages, double click a message, and it will open up the message to the full height of your window.

if you would like to keep this the same, but view a message in full screen, simply double click a message in the mailbox viewer. the email you double click on will now show in the full height of your window, rather than the lower pane.

to return to your mailbox, click the mailbox in the left-hand pane.
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