i signed up with an invalid email address, why can't i log in?

you may have noticed the warning during signup, mentioning that you need to enter a valid email address. remember that if email is ever down, or we need to contact you for another reason, we need that email address to be able to do it. we're not going to sell it, or spam it with ads, or anything else that will annoy you. we do use it to help you if you forget your password, or don't finish signup, or maybe haven't been around in a couple of years.

so, to prove you have a valid email address, we send you a confirmation email. in it is a link that activates your account, and then you can log in. if the email address was invalid, you didn't get the confirmation email, so your account is in limbo. in a few days, your account will be deleted.

at this point, you have two options. you can wait a few days for the account to be deleted, and give it another shot with the same username. if you're really itching to get started, use the contact us link, and let us know the username you signed in as, as well as what you may have used for your email address or regular address so we can properly identify you. we'll replace your email address with the one you mailed from, and send you a new confirmation email.

or, you know, not.

for more help, feel free to contact us!
this entry was created on 2008-12-04, last modified 2008-12-04.
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