how do i add a picture next to my username?

you've probably noticed that many users have a custom picture above their name when they post to message boards. this is pretty easy to do, and actually free, so you might as well do it.

to get started, select my q, and then avatars, or go directly to the avatar preferences. under avatar name, enter a word or phrase to help you identify the image. under image, select 'file' or 'choose file', and select an image on your hard drive that you would like to use. wtf will automatically resize the image to 80x80, so if you want a certain part of the image, you may want to edit it yourself before submitting it. click upload image to send the file to us.

your first uploaded image will become your default. if you ever upload more images, you will have to select the make default checkbox when uploading them to make them the default, or select the default button under an existing image.

for more help, feel free to contact us!
this entry was created on 2008-12-04, last modified 2008-12-04.
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