how do i delete my account?
while we (might) be sorry to see you go, removing your account from is pretty easy.

in the my q section of the site, select delete from the top bar. confirm you would like to delete your account by clicking the confirmation checkbox, and click the delete my account button. your account will be set to inactive, you will be logged out, and your personal information will be purged within thirty days.

any public information posted under your account -- message posts and columns -- will be kept and listed under the username you have deleted. if you require some special needs, use the contact us link to explain your situation. realize that unless there is some pressing requirement that these be removed or renamed, we probably are going to tell you where to stick it.
for more help, feel free to contact us!
this entry was created on 2008-12-02, last modified 2008-12-02.
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