how do i become a columnist? columnists are generally a select group of people who show a style and ability to contribute to the main theme of the site. that being said, we've had a few flashes in the pan, as well as those who couldn't spell or form a sentence to save their lives.

to become a columnist, send an email to outzider or use the contact us link, attach an example of your writing (an actual ready-to-publish column would be most useful), a theme or topic you would like to focus on, how often you'd be able to write, and when you would like to start. after some basic vetting from the admins, you will be allowed to put up your first column.

each columnist will have their writing posted almost immediately after an edit in most cases. if a columnist has a scheduled position, they have priority for that day. as we fill out our columnist ranks, we want to aim to have at least something per day, so if two submissions are made in one day, they may be spread out over a couple of days.

when a columnist joins the site, they are put up to a user vote to see if they like the content. a simple majority is all it takes to become a columnist, and then you become a permanent columnist. your column posting privileges will be revoked if you don't post for three months, so keep up the writing!

note that once you're "voted in", you are now eligible to receive 60% of the ad revenue generated from your column, so advertising your content far and wide directly benefits you! contact us for more information.
for more help, feel free to contact us!
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