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welcome to the eighteenth edition of the monday wtf, where we "celebrate" the inane, stupid, crazy, distasteful, and just plain weird crap that has happened in the past week (or so). this doesn't necessarily limit itself to the internet, or just, but sometimes those are the easy pickings. if you'd like to submit something that you feel should be highlighted, information on how to do so is at the bottom of this column, and every column hereafter.

how the hell is it may, i don't even

ever since the attacks of 2001, the tsa has been a civilian force keeping flights safe from terrorists and threats to normal american people. hell, who am i kidding, they are there to pat down kids and look at your nether regions, just so you feel sufficiently violated before being crammed into a sardine can for two or three hours. thanks, tsa! anyway, to continue their level of competence, they periodically run bombs and other unapproved items through the scanners as a drill for tsa personnel. recently, in minneapolis, one of these drills occurred, except they didn't notify the police of the drill. so, when a bomb was detected, the alert was triggered, and the poor sap was surrounded by police with guns drawn. an honest mistake, i'm sure.

normally, one who is a hippie, hipster, poor, or all of the above can show off their awesome styles, collection of wealth, and what they sleep in all at the same time using a VW bus. sure, you don't see many of them nowadays, and they are actually bad for the environment. they also tend to smell like oil and weed at the same time, but man, thay have character! for those who don't want to pay the $400 to have one in your driveway, in addition to the $500/month in maintenance, i would like to present you with the vw camper tent, so you can always show your classiness at rest stops, backwoods camp parks, or even your local drive-thru parking lot.

for those who have been on the internet for some time, or those in the midwest united states, or by now, pretty much anyone in the united states, you've heard of the onion. for those who don't know what the onion is, first of all, shame on you. second, the onion is a satirical news site, with fake articles, fake headlines, fake video, and real reviews. it is a lot of fun. they lampoon modern politics and public opinion. so, in true form, they did an article on planned parenthood building an "abortionplex" to make abortions easier for young women. unfortunately, a lot of people who didn't understand satire, or basic research, felt this was real and a waste of taxpayer dollars. it sucks that as i get older, the less surprising all of this becomes.

with europe and the united states full of entities that are out of money, it really only makes sense that we try to steal and gather as many resources as possible. knowing this, iran's president, mahmoud ahmadinejad, has slammed the west, claiming they are stealing iran's rain. yes. the west is forcing rain clouds to dump on european countries before they reach iran, and he points to articles by "a western politician" claiming that iran is building up for a thirty year draught, and that must be caused by countries taking rain, not because of... well, nature.

imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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