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partyin', partyin', yeah.

welcome to the seventeenth edition of the monday wtf, where we "celebrate" the inane, stupid, crazy, distasteful, and just plain weird crap that has happened in the past week (or so). this doesn't necessarily limit itself to the internet, or just, but sometimes those are the easy pickings. if you'd like to submit something that you feel should be highlighted, information on how to do so is at the bottom of this column, and every column hereafter.


new jersey is a hellhole. there, i said it. the freeways are atrocious, even on the tollway. the beaches are filled with douchebags. every town away from the coast looks like it was hit by an earthquake and left to rot. i wouldn't really be a fan of having to work there, but you'd think that suing the company sending you to jersey every week would be crossing the line. yes, apparently, a manager for elie tahari is suing for $2 million for anguish and depression by driving to "unstylish" new jersey every week.

a security officer, or "rent a cop", decided that patrolling business parks was not quite enough for him, turned on his strobe light, and attempted to pull over a car for "going too fast". unfortunately for mr. smith, the car was driven by a police detective.

a swedish woman is no longer able to eat after discovering a condom at the bottom of her soured milk container. the part that really sucks is that it came out of the container near the bottom, after she already drank a good portion. the part that i really don't understand is why someone would intentionally sell or buy, much less drink, soured milk -- as a product -- from the grocery store.

times are tough in today's economy. people need cash to pay off debts, bad mortgages, large tvs, poor investment decisions, or even just put food on the table. some people aren't even able to afford a car. i do have a recommendation for those hard up for money: if you decide the only answer is to rob a bank, borrow a car, as the bus does not make a good getaway vehicle.

if you've missed it, welcome to the itunes top 100, ms. worst song ever.

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